My Heart Breaks For Orlando

My heart breaks. My heart breaks for so many people.

For the people shot and killed, for the people injured, for the people physically unharmed but witnessed the ordeal and will forever experience emotional pain. My heart breaks for the families, for the parents that lost their children, for the brothers and sisters that lost each other, for the grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles that lost loved ones. My heart also breaks for the shooter. The person convinced of a lie, obviously hurting in his own life, and so deeply grasped by evil.

My heart breaks for the community. My heart breaks For the city of Orlando and the people that it represents. My heart breaks for the fear instilled in them. My heart breaks for the pain that they feel over losing a coworker, friend or acquaintance. There are no words to explain the pain and the heart break they feel. My heart breaks for them.

My heart breaks for the world because it is so broken. A world that is in desperate need of fixing. My heart breaks because of the sin in this world. Your sin, my sin, the sin that has allowed evil to enter the world. Romans 5:12 explains that evil entered the world through sin and has spread to everyone because everyone has sinned. We live in a broken world because of sin, and that breaks my heart.

It all seems so hopeless. But there is a cure. There is a hope and it comes through Jesus! Jesus is the cure!! But again, my heart breaks because so many people this week didn’t have a chance to hear about that cure before they passed away. My heart is broken for this world that is in desperate need of the cure to sin, Jesus Christ.

Now is the time, more than ever, for people who call themselves Christians to be bold ambassadors for the hope of Christ! We NEED to be sharing the cure with the world! We do not have enough time to wait. The people in Orlando didn’t have enough time for us to wait. Sharing the love and good news of Jesus CANNOT wait!

It is with tears in my eyes I write this and implore every believer on this earth to take their call and command to share the good news seriously! CHRISTIANS, if any of the current events truly break your heart and don’t just make you fearful of evil, of shooters, of public places, of people, or anything else… DO SOMETHING about it!

We NEED to…

~Commit to the mission!

Christians, stop huddling in your nice buildings and take the mission that God has given you seriously. Commit to sharing the Gospel, not making yourself comfortable or doing what you enjoy but sharing the Gospel in ways that will reach people.

~Love wildly!

The greatest commandment, not from my words but from Jesus Himself, “Love God, and love others”. Quit deciding who is worthy of love and just start loving! I am so glad we are not the ones who decide who is worthy of love because my guess is I would not be chosen and neither would you. Jesus loves, that is who He is, and it is our job to reflect that to a world desperately in need of His love.

~Allow your heart to truly be broken

Let your heart break for what breaks God’s heart. You know who is most heartbroken over this tragedy? God is. Align your heart with His and allow yourself to see what He sees and have a passion for what He is passionate about.
My heart is broken for everyone effected by this terrible tragedy. My prayer through this difficult time for everyone that is hurting is that they would find comfort in The One who can truly comfort them.


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